Video Monitoring

Nightowl Security provide a comprehensive monitoring package that allows the retailer to monitor their premises to protect him or herself from the threat of an occurrence of dishonesty at the point of sale. Each contract is structured to suit the specific requirements of each individual client. The level of monitoring required is decided in conjunction with the client and is based on their thoughts, fears and worries.
The monitoring of a recorded video footage by our intensively trained monitoring

  • The verification of the footage by our verification team.
  • A detailed report of all untoward actions discovered by our monitoring operatives.
  • The verification of the above report with the client or nominee of the client.
  • Whatever telephone support is necessary to build the case.
  • Advice from our vastly experienced monitoring and interviewing operatives.
  • Detailed tracking of the video monitoring contract as it is used to help the client
    obtain the most from their contract.


Retailers now find themselves in a situation where it is no longer sufficient to catch staff doing something dishonest they also has to ensure that the rights of the employee are protected when disciplining the individual. Nightowl Security can also provide their expertise in the interviewing of perpetrators of dishonest or untoward acts.

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