Remotely Monitored CCTV System

A Remotely Monitored CCTV System is a powerful tool in the never-ending battle against crime. When a system has the ability to be monitored in real time it changes the system from a reactive investigative system into a proactive system that can prevent the crime from happening at all.

This avoids the unnecessary hassle and costs associated with expensive break-ins, vandalism and opportunistic crime which unfortunately are now a daily occurrence for both homeowners and business people alike.

Unlike a standard CCTV System remotely monitored systems are designed in such a way that before the intruder can gain access to a premises or protected area the system alerts the control centre and the control centre operative takes the appropriate action. They can speak directly to the person on site via a audio system, if this does not discourage the individual they can notify the keyholders and the Gardai. This means that intruders no longer have the time they require to carry out the robbery. This saves the owner time, effort and money. Insurance companies also look favourably on premises that have remotely monitored CCTV Systems and in some cases offer substantial premium discounts.

Advantages of a Remotely Monitored CCTV System

  • Cost savings over Manned Guarding.
  • Proactive rather than reactive.
  • Can be integrated with other systems allowing operatives to control other areas of the site
    e.g. open/close doors, switch on/off lighting, monitor equipment or processes.
  • Reduction in false alarms.

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